Wednesday, July 29, 2009

George Michael, moving, and due dates

So we're all moved in to the new place. The move, as in packing up the house and moving it between A and B, went as smoothly as these things go. I can say from first hand experience that even if you use a high-end moving company you still encounter things like wet bath toys and cloths in boxes, despite expressly saying to the packers 'If stuff is wet don't pack it.' Or discovering your soap dish, with the wet sliver of soap still in it, all wrapped up in a piece of paper. The paper, soap, and dish now merged into one dried inseparable mess. Or heavy items placed on top of rolls of wrapping paper effectively squashing the whole roll in half so it's now unusable. Or finding your missing shoes all shoved one on top of the other inside another box with completely unrelated stuff.

But I'm just nit picking and all in all it was an OK experience (as opposed to a nightmarish one that these things usually are), and the movers were careful with our furniture and everything made it in once piece. They also had an excellent moving manager, a man in his late fifties, 'a born and bred Clerkenwell cockney', who I enjoyed talking to over the three days they packed up our house. He had opinions on everything, and appeared to have given a variety of random topics a great deal of thought.

On George Michael, he poignantly noted, "I mean, that one could ave had any woman e wanted. I remember pictures of im with the ladies anging off his arms. Could ave ad e's pick. But no, e's got to go and be stupid and choose that gay business. And for what? Too much choice and time on e's ands that's what it is. They get bored you see."

Asked if he used the Internet much he replied, "Internet? Oose got time for that? We're common you see, we don't use none of that Internet. I work all day, get ome. It's a nice piece of pork and some tatoes, a bit of TV, an bed."

An exchange between him and one of his staff went as follows:
Mover: 'Ow ow, my hand,' (while trying to get a sofa down a flight of stairs and evidently getting said hand squished between the sofa and the wall)
John: "Never you mind your and, just make sure you don't damage that sofa."

The new house is, and I have to give credit to Roberto for this, quite lovely. I had a lot of reservations about how it was going to work for us, with a toddler and all, but so far it's revealed itself to be a remarkably well thought-out family home, but in a very modern setting. I've asked Julia on a few occasions if she likes it and she keeps saying, 'No.' I then follow that by asking her if she likes chocolate, and she immediately says, 'No,' and then gets an expression on her face which reads, 'I've just been had.'

Our two top choices for nursery have no spaces for next year. One of them only takes 16 children, the other's enquiry form asks for your due date, which should have alerted me to the fact that I was wasting my time applying at this late stage. I mean, a year in advance, what was I thinking right? A third place appears to have spaces, thank god, but we have to pay an application fee and then based on an assessment of Julia next year in a playgroup setting, they say yay or nay. So it's not guaranteed. I've also put her name down on the waiting lists of the other two schools, just in case.

This is one of the many things that people don't tell you before you decide to start a family - these hidden forms of worry and stress that arise, like finding the right school. A safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that is going to have the same approach and ideas about learning that you have. Plus minus any masochistic teachers with a predilection for hitting small children with wooden rulers (don't get me started on my junior school). And without any heavy religious leaning (or any religion at all, sez Roberto).

You just want to get it right and do the best thing for your child, and having said that, I realise how much like my mother I sound. Which makes me appreciate just how much my parents must have loved and cared about me. Which feels like a nice and happy thought to sign out on.

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