Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guilt is other people

So I'm sitting in Cafe Nero last week (yes Starbucks, that's right, I'm a flippant hussy), and I overhear an exchange between a woman and her approximately two to three-year-old daughter.

The woman (for the purposes of clarity, let's call her 'Mrs Overbearing') had been having a coffee with a friend of hers. This friend was also there with her daughter who looked to be the same age as the other child. Mrs Overbearing had been constantly bickering with her little girl who was trying to clamber out of a highchair that was evidently too small for her. Eventually the friend announced that she had to leave and run some errands. After she and her little girl left, Mrs Overbearing turned to her daughter and said, "You see Emma, Becky and Ruby left because you wouldn't sit still in your highchair."

Yup, way to go lady. Lay on the passive aggressive crap and guilt tripping early. Not to mention the outright lying. I see great things for you and your daughter's relationship in the future, as well as her emotional development, left to simmer in your company, over the next 18 years.

I am off on a girls weekend trip to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. Yup, Amsterdam, famous for its great museums, nostalgic architecture, beautiful canals, and legalised dope cafes., Actually, I don't smoke dope. What with the fact that I'm already 100% naturally paranoid and anxious, who needs any help in those departments? But yes, I'm all for choice, and having it, and Amsterdam strikes me as a democratic laid back sort of place. Even the heroin addicts are laid back there, usually in the parks I'm told.

The last time we were in Amsterdam, as in Roberto and I, we decided to do the requisite walk through the red light district, which meant he kept his head down, eyes fixed to the floor, and I walked along staring with my mouth open, trying, surreptitiously, to take photos. The muscular transvestite prostitutes looked like they could smash through those glass cubicles and break my camera and me in two, so I was a bit more careful down those particular strips.

This will be the longest I have ever been away from Julia, which will be a strange experience. But yes, probably necessary from time to time to remind yourself that you are in fact an entity unto yourself, and to have some time to just be outside of your roles as a mother and a partner.

Not sure if anyone has been watching the US Drama series, 'Damages?' I am totally hooked on that and eagerly awaiting series II. Very very good TV. I was also enjoying the American Celebrity Apprentice, for the escapist quality of course, until Donald Trump fired Khloe Kardashian, not because she was shyte on a task, but because he found out she had a DUI. I kid you not. He even said so.

It was quite shocking to watch actually, and while I have a feeling a lot of that show is staged, this felt genuinely real and was very offensive and upsetting.

And what's worse is when you see someone like Ivanka Trump, who is evidently a very intelligent successful young woman in her own right, sitting there and nodding in agreement to what her obtuse dinosaur of a father has just done when I felt sure she was thinking, like the rest of us, wtf?

While I am probably the most anti driving under the influence South African you will ever meet, I felt firing her was totally discriminatory. She'd been punished by the law for what she did, was very open and honest about the fact that she had done it, and was even raising money for people with drug and alcohol abuse problems. But all of that is completely irrelevant. The premise of the show is that people get fired for screwing up a task, and while she was by no means a stellar contestant, the annoying country singer Clint Black was overtly responsible for the failure of the task and everyone knew it.

I don't know why I bother. Bring back Project Runway with the lovely Heidi Klum any day. Oh, and some Top Chef would be nice too.

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Ans said...

Lucille, Pity you're not going to Holland before 21st May. The 'Keukenhof', the biggest flowershow on earth (near Amsterdam)is on till then and you would have loved it!I've been twice in April!It's also a photographer's paradise!