Thursday, March 12, 2009

The interview

So I've been interviewing a bunch of people for the nanny position. I don't really know how to 'interview' per se. Mainly I just have a conversation with them and try and remember to throw in some key questions like, 'Where does one get the best crack in London?' And, 'What do you do if someone takes your bunk in prison?' The answer to these and similar questions yields a surprising wealth of information about the interviewee.

One woman kept remarking how little Julia was and asked me if she was sick, had been premature, and if she ate properly. I was was like, 'Are you kidding me, there are women who would kill for a little waistline like that' (homage to David Sedaris), but I didn't. Our child is slight. She's on par to tall for her age in the height stakes, and she's on the slender side in terms of weight. No muscle wastage, nothing wrong, she's just slender. Hell, that's what I call a quality problem.

Another didn't stop talking, about herself that is. With absolutely no awareness of Julia in the room. Julia could have been dangling from the light fixtures playing with matches, and she wouldn't have noticed. I mean, if you are going for an interview as a nanny, surely you make some effort to interact with the child right? Weird.

On the plus side I have seen at least four people that I would hire, so that is a relief. It's good to know that of all the psycho child minders out there, some of them have at least politely chosen not to apply for the job of looking after our child.

I want to plug a photographer that came and took some family pictures of us this past weekend. Her name is Melanie Moss and her website is She's got a very relaxed nice way about her and took some fantastic photos for us. If you want some pictures taken of yourself for that reality TV interview, or photos of your new baby or children, or some nice family shots for the walls or that Christmas card, I highly recommend her. She's also not overpriced. In fact, she's very reasonably priced for a London-based photographer. So take a look.

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