Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Almost Christmas

Julia had her very first birthday party on the weekend. We invited everyone and it was a great success. She didn't really know what was going on except that there was a big fuss and the next day she got to unwrap a whole lot of cool stuff.

I can't believe she's a year old already. A year that has gone by insanely quickly. Last year this time I resembled the Michelin Man and had trouble walking. I was frantically decorating the Christmas Tree in anticipation of going into labour and not having that done. At the time that seemed strangely important. Then, just a week later, our lovely little girl came into this world and life, as we knew it, changed for ever.

We have put our tree up again this year, and Julia is very intrigued. She is keen on examining the decorations close up, sometimes with her teeth. Naturally this is discouraged.

It's odd doing Christmas shopping this year. The recession hangs in the air like a grey blanket, which, admittedly, takes a lot of the fun out of things. But certainly there are a lot of people without jobs this Christmas and indeed homes, so having to spend less on presents doesn't seem like such a big deal by comparison.

On the plus side the posh shops on our high street are always having sales, it seems like every week there is a different one. It's bloody good seeing nice shoes selling for 45 pounds again. It's been a long time since they cost that much in this country.

I know I've not posted in a while. The truth is I got terribly upset by the case of that little baby P that was murdered by his mother, her boyfriend and her lodger, and I just couldn't bring myself to write. Julia, and a lot of the children at the community center we go to, are at a similar age to that little boy during the time he was so severely abused. They are so incredibly sweet, vulnerable, loving, and fragile at this age, and it is so utterly beyond my comprehension how someone could hurt them, especially so systematically and so brutally. There is a line from the film 'Parenthood,' which goes something like, 'You need a license to own a gun, and a license to own a dog, but any arsehole can have a kid.' Too true sadly.

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