Monday, November 03, 2008

Ruby Wax, atheism and Obama

I spoke to Ruby Wax in Starbucks today. Actually spoke is probably an exaggeration of what we did. I said hello as we were both leaving, she looked thrilled at being recognised (no one else had done so), and simultaneously made a frantic motion as if to say she had to be somewhere. I asked her if she was doing any journalism at the moment, and she replied over her shoulder, 'Yeah, for the Telegraph,' before beating a hasty retreat.

Did I have bad breath?

The local church have a Thursday morning mother and baby/toddler thing. The notice reads: Are you a parent to a young child? Check. Would you like to have fun with your child and meet other parents? Check. Is it important to you to raise your child with the Christian faith? Er...maybe not.

The upside is that it's something to do with Julia once a week that involves free coffee. Kind of like AA meetings, except you can't smoke. Oh, and there's mothers and babies instead of addicts. At least this is how I sold it to Roberto who is a certified atheist. In fact he is more than an atheist - he told me he wants to start a charity which spreads the word that god does not exist.

I blame it on Richard Dawkins and his 'God Delusion' book. I have no problem with the premise except that everyone I know that's read it is a bloody pain in the arse about how great it is and how you must read it, and even going so far as buying you a copy. Not so dissimilar to the bible pushers themselves. The only thing that distinguishes the one kind of zealot from the other is their choice of literature, as is so often the case.

Roberto just pointed out that he has also read Christopher Hitchens's 'God is not great,' thank you very much. OK, so I apologise: there are two books you can purchase if you want to convert to non-faith.

So, the big election in the USA tomorrow. I'm an Obama person myself. I saw an interview with him very early on in the democratic race and he struck me as being intelligent and self deprecating, which happen to be two of my favourite qualities in a person. Oh yes, and he has a sense of humour too - essential if you are going to be running a country like the United States, or indeed any country.

To all my American friends and readers (all three of you) please remember to vote, I'd rather like to have an invasion-free 2009.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, Robert's a bit late with his charitable ideas...

Ash' said...

You should read The God Delusion. It's awesome. :D