Sunday, November 09, 2008

A fond farewell to Kerry Katona's OK! diary

I was absolutely gutted to discover that Kerry Katona's weekly literary masterpiece, her 'column' in OK! magazine, will be no longer. In this week's issue the magazine issued a sort of farewell statement saying that they'd had a long and successful relationship with her, been with her through the ups and downs blah blah blah, and that she won't be a contributing columnist any more. This stinks of: Kerry is checking into rehab, but they didn't say so.

There are clearly some issues in the woman's life, like an unsuitable husband for starters, but what I don't understand is why the press and public are so consumed by it. Even stories about Amy Winehouse fail to interest me these days. I think there's just too much of this shit going around and we've all become a bit bored with it. I hope Kerry and Amy get help and back on their feet, not least of all because Kerry has kids, and Amy has Blaaaaaaaake. Do I want to see another tell-all book about a celeb hitting rock bottom and then courageously picking herself up to see another OK! Photo-spread day? No, please god no.

Julia has started walking again. I say again, because she did it a couple of weeks ago and then seemed to lose interest. She's back at it, and has also sussed out the door handle in her bedroom, and just an inch or two more in the height department means we're in for trouble. We took it as a cue to install stair gates, which, I hate. I know they are necessary, but they also represent endless tripping and breaking your neck opportunities in my mind, especially in the middle of the night. Plus there's the whole thing about needing two hands to open the ones we have, which is a bitch when you also happen to be carrying a toddler.

Roberto reckons they will also be good anti-burglar devices. That most likely being because they will be too busy tripping and breaking their necks on the damn things to steal anything.

We went to a costume party on Friday night at Home House, a private member's club in London. The theme was fantasy/fairytale. Some people evidently spent a good deal of time and money on their outfits and they were spectacular. Others had an interesting interpretation of the 'fantasy' part of the theme, and their getups more closely resembled something you might pay them by the hour to remove. One such woman was dressed as Captain Hook, only the belt was also the skirt, and the top was actually a bra. She was thereafter 'Captain Hooker' to me, which I personally thought was genius, pity no one else agreed. That being because they were trying to pick up their tongues off of the floor no doubt. That's the trouble with keeping company with men at parties, that and the fact that they are useless at bitchy banter.

And in the news:
On a final note, a HUGE congratulations to our friends on the birth of their beautiful baby girl Hannah.

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