Saturday, October 04, 2008

Holy Cow!

I'm not in the habit of plugging restaurants. Or rather, I'm not in the habit of plugging restaurants that do not send me vouchers for free meals to do so. Last night, however, I had the best Indian food I have eaten since coming to the UK eleven years ago, and I am compelled to sing its praises.

Let me just say, I am not a huge fan of Indian food to begin with. Mainly, I suppose, because I can't really partake in particularly spicy food, which tends to leave me with a very narrow margin of choices, chicken korma being my preferred among these dishes. And I often get the feeling chicken korma is considered such a Westernised wus dish that it's never really prepared with much enthusiasm by any self-respecting Indian chef. The korma's I've had over the years tend to range from being artery clogging creamy and coconutty sweet, to somewhat bland and fairly tasteless. Oh yes, and once the cream used was sour.

This week we got a door drop from Holy Cow, a restaurant promising 'fine Indian food'. Roberto starts getting withdrawal symptoms if he doesn't have Indian food once every two months or so, and I thought, what the hell, I could do with something other than deep friend Chinese food for a change. Holy Cow also have a very cool graphically designed takeout menu, and I'm a sucker for good typography.

We ordered their chicken korma (they call it Murg Korma), lamb rogan, and aloo palak (aka sag aloo aka potato with spinach), pilau rice, and a plain naan bread.

My god, it was bloody good. That chicken korma, I mean, murg korma, was out of this world delicious. Even Roberto, who prefers the spicier stuff, had half of mine - grrr! It was 'using the naan to mop up the remainder of the sauce and fighting over who gets to do that' good. In fact, all of the food was just superb, and Roberto, a bit of a curry aficionado said, 'And not oily!' This morning I woke up not only smelling of curry, but wanting more! A first.

Yes, it was that good. They have kitchens in Kilburn, Battersea and Balham, but evidently deliver further afield than that. That's Holy Cow - Check them out here.

And on the subject of door drops, we got another one, advertising in bright red and black capitals, 'ANY JUNK CLEARANCES, 7 DAYS A WEEK. RELIABLE AND FRIENDLY SERVICE. SUPPORTING CHARITIES. RECYCLING.' Plus a telephone number. And if you could capitalise numbers, I imagine those would be too - for the purposes of keeping with the overall design look of course.

This looks good no? I mean, we have a bunch of stuff leftover from our move that needs taking to the recycling center, one thing being a rather heavy and large electrical item that Roberto and I cannot lift on our own. Turn the card over however and the guy's prices are three times more expensive per hour than a New York based Freudian psychoanalyst. 70 quid for ten minutes of work, I kid you not. The service may well be friendly, but those prices aren't. I wonder if this guy actually gets any business.

Roberto's creatively named 'Eyeclops' night vision goggles arrived. The box has pictures of people in a greenish light playing pranks on each other, another of a badger (wtf?), and one of a man leaning over another who is asleep on a sofa. A gay reference perhaps? Some person evidently thought these things were so alluring that they should feature them on the box making someone, like my dear husband, think to him/herself, 'My god, I just must have them!'

I put them on and I have this much to say: Peripheral vision is zero, ditto re. depth perception. Also, the night vision thingy only works out of one eye, so I don't know how much reading in bed Roberto is going to do before developing advanced single-eyed myopia or a rare form of epilepsy. Either way, I'm hoping fear of these will be a deterrent for him doing so.

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becky said...

There's a Holy Cow at the end of my street and I agree that as far as Indian takeaways go it's not half bad - though i do have one gripe with them - for the prices their portion sizes are teeny weeny. So small in fact that by the time you've got enough food to feed you, you might as well have gone out to a reastaurant.