Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another day, another Vodafone f**k up

So Vodafone eventually stopped calling me in the hopes that I'd change my mind and not leave them. Although I did get a call, once I had closed the account, from a young guy asking me if I was aware of their latest deals. I asked him if he was aware that I had closed my account. It was an embarrassing exchange. And I eventually got a very nice leaving letter from them with my PAC code in it. I'm now an O2 customer, and can I just say, the 3G iPhone they do rocks. But that's another story.

Anyway, so I got my final bill from Vodafone yesterday, and guess what? A total of £366.93 pounds. Yep, and those of you that know me, and know how much I hate using the phone when there's the passive aggressive medium of email available, will know there's no way in hell that was me jabbering. Nope, those were 'data' costs. You know, the costs they were supposed to have deducted from my second to last bill because they sold me a data package which they didn't implement because it turned out my existing package was incompatible with it?

I opened that bill at 11pm last night on my way up to bed and went from being dead on my feet tired, to dead on my feet tired and irate. Filled with rage, because I knew that this morning I would have to call someone up at Vodafone and explain a very long and complex story that featured their company's incompetence as the lead protagonist.

Fortunately, and there really is a lesson to be learnt here about getting stuff in writing, I had an email from the chap I spoke to last month confirming that they would credit my account with that massive data charge. And fortunately still, the woman I spoke to today, a lovely woman called Rachel (a beacon in a sea of stupidity), 'got it' without me having to waffle on for too long, and subsequently sent me another email stating that they are going to credit me a whopping £278.85, which means my final bill will now only be £88,08 as opposed to £366.93.

I'm going to call today and pay my final bill by credit card, but have a nagging feeling this shit is going to come back and bite me in the arse in the form of another outstanding bill for the data costs. I mean, if the sales people don't even know what their colleagues are doing, how can we expect there to be communication between sales and accounts? Certainly that is far too much to ask. Watch this space.

It won't surprise you to know that Rachel told me there were no notes on my account referencing the previous credit note or anything about the wrong data package being sold to me.


On a separate, much more positive note, I saw the woman I'd met in Starbucks that was in a wheelchair after being hit by a car in Hampstead. The good news is that she's in hydrotherapy (which she says is fantastic) and is walking with the help of a walker. She reckons that in a month or so she will be walking unaided. Fantastic news.

And on a random note, if you use
Lancôme's Eau de Bienfait Clarté (their fantastic cleanser and toner in one), and are as confused as I was as to why you can't find it anywhere, that's because they've re-branded it. It's now called Eau Micellaire Douceur Express cleansing Water Face, Eyes, Lips, or so I was told my the overly made-up Lancôme person at the Boots in Brent Cross. Mystery solved. Although someone should probably tell the Lancôme UK website, because they still feature it, though when you try and buy it it doesn't get put in your basket.

Over and out.

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