Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is not a comparative post

We are staying in Cap Ferrat in the South of France. Whereas Longleat Forest (Center Parcs) was coldish and rainy, here it is 28 degrees today. Although it has mostly been cloudy, it's wonderfully warm and balmy, which is almost perfect weather for babies and red-headed husbands who burn easily.

The two holiday venues are completely different, but then, to be fair, they are two completely different types of holiday. One of them does sell Prada in the lobby however - always a beacon of unaffordable civilisation if there ever was one.

Yesterday evening we went to eat at one of the little local harbour-side restaurants in St Jean Cap Ferrat. I had an assortment of fish, pot roasted with vegetables, and french bread. Roberto had cod with garlic mayonnaise, and we had a half bottle of wine and a bottle of water between us. All of this was a fraction of the cost to an equivalent dinner at, say, Cafe Rouge in Longleat. Also, it was freshly made and finger-licking delicious. I actually lost weight at Center Parcs, which, admittedly, is not a bad thing in terms of the size of my backside these days, but not exactly a testament to the fine dining on offer either.

Julia has a cold. This she could have picked up on the flight, or it may be from Longleat - there were quite a few people sneezing and snuffling. Well, cycling around in that kind of weather, and what do you expect? Last night I was up with her most of the night keeping an eye on her temperature and trying to keep her in a more upright position so she could breathe more easily.

At around 3am Roberto took over and I got some sleep. Till 6.30am that is when she decided it was a good time to wake up and welcome the day. I was just so relieved that her temperature (which fortunately had never got high enough to call a doctor) was down and she was chipper. A healthy, happy child following a night of illness is a gift from the gods and worth every minute of lost sleep, regardless of how many tubes of Touche Eclat one has to get through to look presentable.

We spent today at the pool where we had another delicious meal of grilled sole with lemon butter sauce for lunch. This time it was expensive, but as our hotel is favoured by Russian oligarchs, it's to be expected I guess.

Being happy, well-fed, and dry, probably means I won't be blogging to the same extent as I was at Longleat. In an unfortunate and ironic twist these things tend to have an adverse effect on my venting spleen literary juices.


jane said...

am thrilled for you and it all sounds wodnerful. are u at hotel du cap? its amazing there and if u r not well worth booking dinner or lunch at eden roc - c'est tres formidable x

Lou said...

This IS a comparative post!! :)

letters from london said...

Duh! lol