Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things do to with under 5's in NW3

If anyone asks me what the hardest thing I've found since having a baby is, the answer it not lost sleep and having to give up absinthe, as one might imagine, but rather finding ways to entertain my child, and likewise myself.

There's only so much Oprah you can watch, and when you child starts to crawl, even that goes out the window. Now you have to switch your attention from the TV to your child who is about to walk into the sharp edge of your glass coffee table. It's exhausting, and the best thing for it is to chuck em on the pile with other little people in a soft safe environment, so they can get on with it. And so that you can meet other parents. And believe me, no matter how much you like your own company, when you have a kid, other parents become beacons of sanity. Babies, for all their loveliness, are not great conversationalists, and you find yourself quite literally craving a good natter.

Anyway, I had a complete nightmare trying to find activities in my old area, so when I moved here to Hampstead I decided enough was enough and started accosting other mothers on the street asking them where I could take Julia. I got pointed in the direction of the community center, which has been fantastic. But that's only three mornings a week, what about Mondays and Fridays? What about the afternoons? I was desperate. And then, queue heavenly music, today someone told me about the website.

It contains a thorough list of things to do with children under the age of five in the NW3 part of London, categorising activities into such things as playgroups, singing, rhymes and stories etc. It even has bus routes and directions to help you get there. A real gem if you live in this neck of the woods. I emailed the site creator to thank her, who as legend has it, is some kind of super mom who took it upon herself to do this - god bless her. She asked that if anyone joins any groups on the site to please let them know they found said group through the site. Apparently it helps with the advertising.

I think every area should do this to help stop parents from becoming isolated. God knows I've been there and it sucks. So spread the word people.

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