Friday, September 05, 2008

Centre Parks - Day 1

I'm sitting here in the lounge of our Center Parks 'executive villa.' I think the designers, when using the word 'executive,' were going for the whole modular living bachelor pad circa 1978 / Holiday Inn look as their inspiration. Actually that's not entirely fair, the sofas, with their homage to the American Indian print, are more 1980's, and, I'm wondering, an intentional juxtaposition to the rest of the place?  

The contrasting curtains (orange) and carpet (green) were evidently a clever, and dare I say it, cheeky little decorating move. I have also never seen internal pebble dashing before. In fact, as I write this, I am surrounded by it. And not just in one colour mind you, but the walls are painted half and half in salmon pink and cream. I think the decorating genius behind our place was toying with our sense of colour and spacial awareness, and were I ever asked to help design a prison rec room, I'd blatantly plagiarise this look. And I'm not afraid to admit it.

OK, so interior decoration aside, which folks, is really as bad as I describe it, the place is pretty clean, well planned, and fairly spacious for our little family. We also have a beautiful view of the forest out of pretty much every window. The cutlery drawer will need a clean - it's a bit grubby, so that means all the cutlery will need washing too, and the mattress in the cot bed provided smells very faintly of vomit, but fortunately I brought my own cot linen. The latter was not provided by the way, but this may be something you can request.

We were going to bring our own travel cot but our car was absolutely choca block full. And don't look at me! Forget the days of packing matching shoes and handbags and the entire
Estee Lauder Christmas Special mega-makeup gift set. Travel with a baby means you get a tiny little space for a couple of practical things like khaki shorts and a pair of sandals, and the rest is all their paraphernalia.

Everyone is cycling around on bicycles here - it feels strange and unnatural - far too clean living and healthy for me. I have an instinctive desire to hire the shortest, fattest, slowest bike (with training wheels) they have, and amble around with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and beer in my hand. After all, it is my holiday too right? Unfortunately it probably won't look so good with Julia in the little cart attached to my bike. And one must keep up appearances.

Tomorrow we are off into the town bit to go and hire some bikes (shortest fattest one for me), and see what's on offer activity-wise.

But for now, I have a glass of Chilean wine to attend to and perhaps, who knows, some scrabble with Roberto, if he is so kind.


Deirdre said...

This blog entry had me weeping with laughter - especially the bit about the bicycle and the cigarettes & beer.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

letters from london said...

Thanks very much ;-)