Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One for the girls

Picture it: A couple of women are standing outside after a night out trying to hail a taxi. One of them, Olga, gets chatted up by a passerby called Dimitri. The conversation lasts for approximately two minutes, at the end of which she hands him her business card and says 'call me'.

What happens next is making the internet rounds, and reaffirming why guys such as Dimitri are the reason why single women everywhere continue to believe in restraining orders Mr Right.

Have a listen to the voicemails he left her here.

A big thank you to the lovely Lou


Mags said...

Geezuz, wot a patronizing arsehole.
Did he really think that was attractive?!

letters from london said...

I know, esp the bit where he says that if she is psycholgically healthy she can call him, if not, forget it. lol.