Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random observation of the day

This evening, while playing Scrabble, Roberto tried to get 'Chav' past me. And no, it's not in the Scrabble dictionary so it didn't fly. We decided to check if it's made it into the regular dictionary as slang so often does these days, and couldn't help noticing the accompaning sponsored link.


Lou said...

Chav is allowed in the Sowpods dictionary!

letters from london said...

I think in order to have a game that doesn't result in chaos/strangulation, one source has to be agreed upon as the reference for that game by everyone playing. In our case we play with a 'scrabble dictionary' but even that says in it's preface that it's not conclusive.

Lowri said...

Have you discovered Scrabble application on Facebook? It's addictive.