Saturday, May 03, 2008

The 360 Billion Dollar Man

If you are looking to make a quick buck, the easy way, look no further than what Charles Fuller (pictured) did.

Fuller, 21, walked in to a bank in Texas last week and handed in a check to be cashed. The check, which was made out to him, was for the meager sum of $360,000,000,000.00 - that's 360 billion US dollars.

Unsurprisingly the bank didn't go for it, and he was arrested, for, among other things, being in possession of 2 ounces of grass. And a gun.

He has been charged with fraud and also faces charges for unlawfully carrying a weapon and possession of marijuana.Continue reading

Personally I think the criminal world is going to suffer an enormous loss if Charles goes away. This guy is clearly a criminal mastermind.

I'm confused. Did he actually think the bank would be in possession of that kind of money, and hand it to him in what? A brown sack with dollar signs on it? Or perhaps he missed a few maths classes at school and got confused with how many zero's make up, say, a thousand.

Actually I think the answer to this whole strange and unusual situation lies in the fact that Charlie had 2 ounces of weed on him. Yes, I think that pretty much explains everything.

Source and photo: Dlisted

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