Monday, April 28, 2008

Le Divorce

These videos posted by socialite Tricia Walsh-Smith on YouTube are making the rounds on the Internet. They chronicle her unfolding divorce from her millionaire husband, and are so raw it sometimes makes for difficult viewing. You sort of feel as though you shouldn't be watching them but yet can't look away either, kind of like finding a dirty magazine in your dad's bedside drawer.

I want to like her, really I do, but mainly I'm just frightened by her. She's the kind of woman who stands in the middle of Waitrose and has a shit fit, 'What? No avocado's? Are you kidding me??!! What the hell kind of bloody supermarket doesn't do avocado's? If I owned this place I'd fire the lot of you!!'

I think Tricia is a smart cookie. Mad as a box of frogs certainly, but smart. She's going to get a ton of publicity off the back of this and probably her own reality show. Watch this space.

PS: I love Phillip (her husband's) secretary's reaction when Tricia calls and tells her to ask him what she should do with all his Viagra, porn, and condoms. Classic.

Source: Dlisted


Lou said...

I have to say, I don't have that much sympathy for her! She signed the prenup, what does she expect? It seems that this guy made sure he took care of his kids when he entered into a new marriage - is that such a bad thing?

letters from london said...

I gather from what she says in the clip she aint getting much sympathy from anyone. I think the guy is divorcing her out of fear. It's those eyes, they strike terror in me.

Happy Snapper said...

I wonder if she did her cards today?