Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Footballer Ronaldo in transvestite tangle

According to the Daily Mail:
International football star Ronaldo had a fight with three prostitutes he brought back to his Brazil motel room after he discovered they were actually men, it emerged today.

Police became involved when an "altercation" happened as the 31-year-old A C Milan striker came to the shocking realisation that the call girls he had paid to have group sex with after his night out were in fact transvestites.

Ronaldo, who is back in his hometown of Rio De Janeiro recovering from a career-threatening knee injury, had left a nightclub in the fashionable Barra da Tijuca neighbourhood on Sunday night with the paid-for company.

Back in the room in the early hours of Monday morning, having discovered their true sex, Ronaldo is understood to have tried to resolve the situation by paying them each off with £300.

It was not clear yesterday how far the group had became acquainted before Ronaldo made his protestations about the fact that the call girls were in fact men.

It is understood that only two of the men agreed to accept the offer of £300. The third is alleged to have hastily hatched a plan to extort a further £15,000 from the footballer not to take the story to the media, police inspector Carlos Augusto Nogueira said. Continue reading.

You can tell this story is from the Daily Mail by the way they say he came to the 'shocking realisation' that the women were in fact men. lol.

I guess you could make a comment about the fact that footballers aren't the sharpest tools in the drawer, but in all fairness to Ronaldo, having seen photos of two of the women, it's not that obvious that they are packing lunchboxes. They look like women to me, admittedly women who have knife fights and kill their own dinner, but women regardless. I guess he likes his ladies rough and tough looking, which is what led to all the trouble in the first place.

The poor guy is never ever going to hear the end of it on the football pitch. You can just imagine him walking out for practice to a team rendition of, 'Lola... la la la la Lola....'

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Daily Mail

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