Monday, March 10, 2008

Talking heads

Last night I dreamt that a man, or rather, the head of a man, was pursuing me through a subway station. I had walked past him, or to be more precise, I had walked past his head that was sat on a sort of cart contraption, and as I did so he made a pass at me. I carried on walking and he shouted out something to the effect of, "What you got to be like that for? Is it because I've only got a head?" To which I stopped and responded that it was nothing of the sort. I explained that although I was very flattered, I was also very happily married with a child. He wasn't buying it and began chasing me all over the station. While running for my life I remember thinking how remarkable it was that someone without limbs or indeed a torso could move that fast.

Note to self: Must get out the house more.

On the subject of severed heads, I (coincidentally) came across this macarbre but very interesting article this morning about a real-life Dr. Frankenstein - a Soviet scientist by the name of Sergei S. Bryukhonenko. Not recommended reading while eating.

And elsewhere in the world:

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