Friday, February 15, 2008

An apology to Morgan Fairchild

I'm feeling bad this morning. I wish I could say it was following a night of debauchery - the only justifiable kind of bad one should feel at this time of the day. But alas, no. I got what I like to believe is a genuine comment on my blog from Morgan Fairchild following a short piece I did on her.

I wrote the entry a while back and rereading it this morning I realise that while I was complimenting her on how youthful she looks, I was also being quite insulting - though again purely for literary humorous effect. If the comment was indeed made by her, she took the piece in what I perceive to be a dignified good humoured way, but I still feed bad.

The thing is you write these blog entries with tongue firmly in cheek, and there's a part of you that feels free to be as acerbic and sarcastic as you like, because you are talking about an idea of a person rather than an individual. I suppose that's what the whole movie star system does to our perception of these actors. They aren't so much 'real' individuals as they are characters we feel free to discuss, criticise, make jokes about etc. Also, it still amazes me that regular people read my blog, let alone the famous and infamous ones I write about from time to time. I mean, surely they have better things to do like play super bitch villains?

So I want to take this opportunity to say I'm very sorry Morgan Fairchild. It wasn't personal, although I imagine when your career is based to a large extent on image and what people say about it, it can feel that way. For the record I think you're great, always have, and I'm sure you don't sleep in formaldahyde. You look hot and it would be good to see you on our screens again.

Photo source: imdb


Theo said...

haha! Wow! If that comment really came from Morgan Fairchild, she's very bad at spelling. Perhaps it's related to the deleterious effects of the formaldehyde fumes??

Nixta said...

Oh, Lucille, you lilly-livered bloggette :) That surely isn't her, and if it is then you wrote what you wrote and there wasn't anything remotely offensive about either your post or her reply.

If you have visions of her laying in state every night on a caterfalque and casket carefully constructed by Damien Hirst Construction & Plumbing Ltd. down in her Beverly Hills catacombs, then all the better for you, and who could blame you when you see those two photos?

You should retract your apology immediately on the basis that you must have been drunk and caught in a moment of weakness after your weeks of baby-induced ridiculously inadequate sleep, otherwise I swear I shall never read Hello magazine again. You surely would not want to be responsible for that?

Much love.

Yours, on tenterhooks,


letters from london said...

lol, what can I say? I am indeed lily-livered due to (purely unwanted I might add) prolonged abstinence. Clearly we need your presence here in fair London to remedy such an appalling oversight.