Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's happening with Britney?

I realise I've totally neglected to follow and write about the latest foibles in the land of celeb. Shocking really, but as it happens the latest antics of Britney et al have had to take a backseat to my new pastime - expressing, also known as breast pumping. But it's early and a lot of you are probably drinking tea and just about to bite into a biscuit, so I won't turn your stomach with any more on this subject. For now.

I've just about recovered from a nasty case of something - I never know the difference between a cold and the flu because I feel equally crap when I'm diagnosed with either. Anyway, I was really ill for a while there, so ill that Elizabeth suggested I get one of those Michael Jacksonesque germ-evading masks to use when I breastfed Julia. Yeah, you can imagine how that one made me feel. I didn't get the damn mask, and tried my very best not to sneeze, cough, and sputter all over her. The good news is that we are both a lot better.

So if I haven't been responding to emails or calls, please don't take it personally. I've been ill, and knackered, and using free moments to clean our house and try and beat this cold/flu thing. Hopefully now I'll be able to start getting back to people.

And on the subject of visits, this is a tricky one when it comes to new babies it seems. Julia sleeps a hell of a lot. In fact for every hour she's awake, she sleeps between 2.5 and 3 hours. So scheduling visits becomes a bit difficult, because for part of the awake time I'm breastfeeding, which is something I really don't feel the need to share with my friends at this point. Then after that it's about another half an hour to 40 minutes of other baby related stuff and then she's put down in her little basket to sleep in her nursery. I then need to go off and express to 'empty' my breasts fully so they start producing for the next feed. Oops, sorry, there I go again with the details.

I think if you haven't had a baby and or don't know the whole spiel, you tend to expect to get to a friend's house and be able to cuddle an awake baby or at least hold a sleeping one. And if you don't, you feel as though the parents are being selfish or perhaps inventing the fact that they even have a child in the first place. But in our case at least, contrary to popular belief, this is not another Suri Cruise situation. We are not hiding our baby, she just likes to sleep - much like her father in fact. And likewise, she is not Chinese, an alien, or the product of L Ron Hubbards inseminated sperm. Glad I cleared that up.

I think until she's a bit older and has more awake time, 'visiting the baby' may involve having to settle for a peek at her sleeping in her basket. And trust me, that's a much preferred state to dealing with her feelings on being woken up so she can be passed around. Not a good idea for anyone involved.

Right, and now I need to prepare for a visit from the health visitor where they come and check to see that our baby and I are both OK. Apparently this is generally considered a good time to get rid of all the beer cans and whiskey bottles lying around, and to switch the channel from the Jerry Springer show.

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I borrowed one of your images but I can't seem to get the "contact me" to work to let you know (not the first time this has happened), so I'm leaving you a comment. So you just going to have to check out my blog :)if you want to see what one I used.