Thursday, December 06, 2007

Watch your waist

OK, so I've been watching Oprah again. She often has doctor Mehmet Oz on her show, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon and professor of cardiac surgery at Columbia University. He answers every and any health questions the audience may have and it's often quite educational.

In today's show he revealed the following scary health fact:

If you are 100 pounds over weight when you are 50, or if your waist size is close to 40 inches as a female and close to 45 as a male, you have the same chances of surviving a normal life as if you had cancer of the prostate or breast.

Optimal waist measurements for adult men and women are as follows:
Women = 32.5 inches
Men = 35 inches
Or half your height

He said a good way of measuring your waist is to start and finish at the belly button, and that it's OK to suck in, because you're measuring what's inside the muscles, where the omentum and omentum fat is. Continue reading

The good news is that if your waist measurement is exceeding the healthy norm, it's 100% reversible simply by changing your diet and yes, I hate to say it, by incorporating exercise into your lifestyle.


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