Monday, December 10, 2007

How to pull at the office party

Three out of five British women have admitted it was extremely likely they would do "something they'll regret" at the seasonal shindig.

Workers classified as 'mature and married' were most likely to misbehave, followed by anyone working in accounts.

Another recent study says one in four people have had sex in a car park after the office do.

I always knew those people in accounts were dodgy.

After siting these made up frightening stats, the Daily Mail advises what the best way to pull at your upcoming Christmas party is. For those of you with your sites set on your boss, the article includes this invaluable nugget of advice: "On the flip side, you have to make sure he knows that if he returns your advances, you aren't going to sue for sexual harassment."

Were it not for the fact that at 9 months pregnant I'd be more likely to be sued for physical assault if I tried to launch myself on my boss (if I had one) or anyone else for that matter, I'd feel super confident attending any festive bash with this useful advice.

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