Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's not often that an actor successfully transfers from one hit TV series to another one, and does as good, if not an even better job of it. For fans of the Michael C Hall character in Six Feet Under, I highly, highly, recommend you watch Dexter. And even if you weren't a big fan of Six Feet Under, I still think you should check out this new TV series.

In my humble TV addict opinion it's simply must-see TV. It's shot beautifully, the cast, even supporting actors, are superb, multi-dimensional, and well chosen, and the story makes for some compelling stuff.

Hall plays Dexter, a blood spatter specialist with Miami PD by day and serial killer (with a purpose) by night. The double life he leads and subsequent conflict (both inner and in terms of practical complications) it causes for him, form the central premise of the show. But this is so much more intricate than a simple Jekyll and Hyde storyline.

Hire it or buy it on DVD - and sit back and enjoy over the cold Christmas holidays.

Official site here though I'd avoid it as it contains spoilers which will definitely ruin the progressive plot line that is intrinsic to the show.

Photo: IMDB

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