Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How to dress for a Spice Girls Reunion announcement

While the rest of the Spice Girls chose stylish, age-appropriate outfits for the announcement of their Spice Girls reunion tour, Posh decided to opt instead for the emaciated pole dancer look.

Yes, she has the figure for it - well sort of - but when I saw the photos it looked very much like she was trying too hard - especially compared to the understated look of the other women. Ok admittedly Geri's was a bit weird and Mel B's was, well, shiny. But even so, you didn't get the impression that either of them chose their outfits with the same intention as what VB had in mind. And what that intention was, well, god only knows.

It might just be me, so I'm going out on a limb here, but VB's image sends a very mixed bag of messages. Her body has no softness or curves which lend itself to sensuality. And basically she's too emaciated, self-obsessed, and robot-like to be sexy, yet she still increasingly insists on wearing overtly tarty outfits - the kind of thing you have to stop your 15-year-old daughter from trying to sneak out of the house in. It's just odd.

I do wonder if there is some or other LA-based PR/stylist person behind all these latest desperate attention-seeking ensembles. Bearing in mind that this woman's entire life is a carefully planned media operation with no appearance, or outfit, not even a visible neon-coloured bra strap left to chance.

As much as I don't warm to her persona, I've always thought she was a great dresser. But since her move to the USA it's all gone terribly wrong in that department too.

Photos: Hollywood Rag

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