Sunday, June 10, 2007

When people surprise you

You've got to watch this clip. It's from some new (yes yet another) TV talent show called 'Britain's got Talent' which I guess is like some sort of X-Factor, only I think their talent can be pretty much anything and not necessarily singing.

Anyway, the ever bored-looking Simon Cowell is on the panel. The best bit is his and the other two judges faces (what the hell is Pierce Morgan doing as a judge?) when this dude Paul walks out. They hear he's going to sing opera (it's first round auditions) and you can see they're thinking, 'Oh boy, this is going to be painful.' Then the guy starts to sing ... .

I got goosebumps.

If you can't see the clip, click here.


Paula Kechichian said...

This was indeed absolutely FANTASTIC! It brought me to tears...sobbing ones...
Thank you for posting it!

Fredrik van den Broek said...

Paul Pott is fantastic.
I got goosebumps too.