Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A very bad week for Katie Hopkins

It's been a pretty bad week for Katie Hopkins - the Northern-hating man stealing vixen from the UK Apprentice. Firstly, that unfortunate photo (pictured) surfaced of her romping in a field with yet another married man. Then the ex-wife of the first man she stole came forward to speak out about the betrayal in The News of the Word, and her daughter spoke of the break-up, and her resulting anorexia to Closer Magazine. Then she was dumped by the aforementioned field-romping married man. And now she's been fired from her real life job at the Meteorological Office.

According to Reuters:
"A spokesman for the Met Office said: "Her employment has been terminated. Like all new civil service employees, she had a period of probation. She has failed to reach the required standard. New entrants are expected to keep a standard on attendance, performance, time-keeping and conduct. Media reports said Hopkins is considering taking the Met Office to an industrial tribunal." Continue reading.
What? I didn't say anything.

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