Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Up the duff

Ok, so I wanted to wait until the three month mark, till we'd had our nuchal scan and our blood results back, and now I can finally tell everyone, I am pregnant. For those of you scowling and throwing up your hands saying, "Hmm, she writes it on her blog but doesn't bother to tell me in person!" well you may take a moment to reflect on the fact that I probably haven't seen you in ages. This is the sort of thing I wanted to tell friends in person, and in fact we used our house cooling party to do just that. For those who didn't make it, and that I haven't had the chance to speak to, it's nothing personal - promise. What with being sick as a dog (more later on morning sickness), not going out for almost three months, and moving house, I've kind of been a bit preoccupied at the moment.

Yes, morning sickness. Most women get it, as in perpetual nausea for about 12 weeks, maybe actually being sick once or twice on occasion. But what most women do not get is throwing up for seven weeks. Right now it's down to twice a day. At it's peak, hmm let me see, a peak which lasted approximately 6 weeks, I was throwing up 4 sometimes 5 times a day.

This meant that practically everything I ate came back up - ahhh the joys of watching risotto rice spewing forth from your nostrils - my skin was so dehydrated it was flaking, and I had zero energy. It also meant not being able to leave the house because if I wasn't actually vomiting I was nauseous, so I looked like crap, was starved for company, and felt like hell. Yes people this is pregnancy, well, mine at any rate.

You know those images of a serene-looking pregnant woman sitting on a rocking chair with a beatific expression on her face, gently stroking her bump and musing about baby names? That isn't me. In fact, that probably isn't anyone real. That woman is most likely a model, and that's a pillow stuffed under her dress, and she's smiling because she's going to get a nice cheque after the shoot, so she can go and buy more cigarettes and laxatives.

One of the worst things is that when we do tell people they get so excited saying to me: "Oh you must be soooo EXCITED!!!" and actually I'm not. Sick, exhausted, worn out - yes. Excited, no. So already I had some sort of maternal guilt, and this little one is only the size of a lime inside of me.

Anyway, my doctor tells me this morning sickness (morning my arse - try morning, noon, night and everything in between) should pass in the next week and a half. And then, according to my more honest friends who are mothers, I have indigestion, flatulence and hemorrhoids to look forward to. Yes people, and women actually have long and painful fertility procedures to go through this.

Everyone says the second trimester is the best. You don't feel sick anymore, you aren't too big, and you get your energy back. They also say the baby starts to kick (something called 'the quickening' - which reminds me of something out of The Highlander, but I digress) and then you start to actually appreciate that there is this life inside of you and it all sort of comes together. That is along with the indigestion, flatulence and hemorrhoids I gather. Yes, I'm looking forward to the next leg of this journey.

On a less flippant note, I got my blood tests back today and along with the nuchal scan (where they look for signs of Downs Syndrome by measuring the nuchal fold at the back of the neck etc), everything is A-OK so far, and the little one (who was very active in the scan) is looking as good as it should for this stage of things.

Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it continues like this.

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Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! congratulations!!

I haven't dipped into your blog for a long time, lots going on. i'm back at the bbc for a while. I've moved to East London too, near Brick Lane. We should have a catch up xx