Monday, June 04, 2007

This is what the Californian sun does to you

Victoria Beckham attended the MTV movie awards yesterday dressed as a Bolivian prostitute. Ok, sorry, that's not fair to Bolivian prostitutes - even they have more style than this. Seriously though, this is some kind of street walker look, usually perpetuated by women who don't have enough money to co-ordinate their underwear with their clothes, or buy a proper strapless bra. That stuff costs money you know.

I'm not sure exactly what VB's fashion inspiration was, but it wasn't good. A visible neon pink bra and a strappy skin tight black and white animal print dress, served over perma-tanned skin that resembles a rotisserie chicken? It's not edgy, it's not even forward thinking, it's just cheap and nasty. Say it with me people - Naaasty!
Oh, and apparently her and Cameron Diaz wore the same shoes.

What's happening to VB over there? This is a woman who is known for never getting an outfit wrong. She still has killer legs though.

Source and photo source: Dlisted.
Additional photo source: Daily Mail

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