Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sophie and I went along to our first maternity yoga class last night.

The timing worked out well because I haven't been feeling great energy-wise, and with the news of my gran's death on Sunday I was feeling very blue. Not good for me, not good for baby.

The two of us were the least pregnant of the women there, and felt like whipper snappers with our 15 weeks and 13.5 weeks compared to all those large bumps. I think the next least pregnant woman was 26 weeks.

I've written before how I always go along to a yoga class thinking I'm going to get an easy ride and come out hobbling, berating myself for my foolishness. Well fortunately last night wasn't quite as strenuous as my previous experiences, but I can definitely feel the effects today in my thighs - thanks to all those squat walks. Our Spanish instructor - a stunningly attractive and limber young woman in her late 20's, told us those squats were good for labour. "But I plan on lying down!" I groaned under my breath. But she's right, giving birth is strenuous business and it's worth taking every measure to make sure you are fit and limber to help the process.

When it came to the last part of the session, called 'Deep Relaxation,' I excitedly settled myself down on my mat, closed my eyes, and waited to be talked through the meditative process. I needed to relax and free my mind of my worries. The lights were lowered, and the class became absolutely quiet.

It went well for about three seconds before a bunch of eejits standing right outside our class door started talking about their travels in Africa. Loudly.

And take a deep breath in ...
Yeah, Africa - loved it. Lots of poverty though. Did you do the Zambezi?
And breathe out ...
Oh yeah, what about the malnutrition ... . Did you take malaria tablets?
And imagine yourself ...
... hippos...
And relaxxxxxx
...stagnant water ... conjunctivitis...

I found myself clenching my fists and wanting to run out there and tell them to shut the f**k up. How could anyone relax and think positive thoughts with all that noise and depressing content? The clenched firsts and agression were somewhat of an indication that my moody hormonal phase is clearly not yet over.

So not much deep relaxation for me, what with all the pent-up rage, but the class as a whole felt good, and we are both going back again next week.

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