Friday, June 22, 2007

New hair and a terrible dilemma

There's an old joke: A woman walks into her hairdressers and says to her stylist, "I want to look like Barbra Streisand." So the stylist takes a hairbrush and breaks her nose.

Well today I saw my stylist and slapped a photo of Katie Holmes (I know I know) in his hand and said I wanted a slightly longer version of her new do. Let it not be said that these celebs don't have power over us mere mortals.

My stylist was a bit agitated today - clearly dying to get something off his chest. So once we had established the colour (now blissfully brunette - no more Shakira-type roots), and the style, I settled in with my Pret smoothie and waited to hear what would be the most shocking tale I have heard in months.

He is close friends with two guys, who have been best friends since, well, ages. Though not a couple they have almost always lived together, gone on holidays, shared clothes - etc. Turns out these two guys split company about six months ago and have sworn never to talk to each other again.

Now my stylist recently found out about the schism and has been trying to find out from each of them what went wrong. I mean, for these two to part company so acrimoniously it had to be pretty serious right?

Well, eventually, he tied one of them down who told him the story, and what a story it is. Turns out the one chap, let's call him Peter, slept with the other other guy's, (let's call him Tom) boyfriend. OK, so that's pretty shit, I mean, Peter and Tom are so-called best friends for ever, and Peter goes and shags his boyfriend. Not nice. However, it gets worse. It turns out that Peter also happens to be HIV positive, knew this, and still didn't use a condom during this drunken tryst with Tom's boyfriend. He says he was too drunk to remember/think about it.

Tom knew Peter was HIV positive, but it appears he didn't know about the affair with his boyfriend until some months later, so had continued his condomless (well they are supposed to be a disease-free monogamous couple!) sexual relationship with his boyfriend. Naturally when he did find out, both he and his boyfriend went and had an aids test pronto. As it stands they are both having to take a second set of tests to see the results, as the first ones were too early to tell.

My stylist now finds himself in a dilemma because he's friends with both of them, and although he thinks Peter is a complete shit, I mean, how do you even begin to know how to feel about someone who knowingly risks passing on a fatal disease? he also says the guy looks very ill, and doesn't want to abandon him in what could possibly be his last months, especially now that he has lost his best friend.

Right, and on that cheerful note, I am off to go and forage and start the weekend.

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