Monday, June 04, 2007

Move it

We've moved. We are now in the new place, and I'm delighted to say there are only a few more bits and pieces to do before we are settled in. Er, that's not taking into account all the deliveries that are arriving this week, some of which need to be built (damn those Swedes!), plus stuff in storage that eventually needs to be retrieved and unpacked. But, for now, as in immediate things like having a kettle switched on, milk in the fridge, clothes in the cupboards, a working shower with soap and shampoo - well, that's all sorted, and honestly, what more do you need? Oh yes, working internet - which we have, thank god.

I just want to take this oppotunity to reccommend our removals guys. It's tough finding a reputable and reliable company to safely move what amounts to your life from one place to another. I investigated three companies, read their testimonials, and got qoutes, before settling on London City Removals. They got back to me promptly, had reassuringly good testimonials, and were cheaper than the other two. Also their qoutation didn't include a dire caveat to the effect of: This qoutation ONLY covers EXACTLY what you stipulated, which some of the other companies did. I think if you have moved before you will know that you never know up front exactly how many boxes you are going to have before you actually pack them. There's also inevitably always something extra you forget to include like a ladder or a bicycle or something like that.

These guys also did moving materials like boxes, bubble wrap and tape, which they delivered a week before, and which they were happy to tag the total of onto the final invoice, payable on the day of the move.

When move day arrived, Robert and I were still busy doing bits and pieces and we did worry that they'd come in and get annoyed that we clearly had more than we said we'd have, and then start humming and hahing about us needing to pay extra. Actually we needn't have worried. Mick, a very cheery man with a Cockney accent who insisted on calling me Lucia (Loocheeaaa) and his three chaps weren't in the least bit phased. They got on with the job, and this is the amazing bit, actually asked us on numerous ocassions, "Do you want us to take that for you as well, it's really not a problem?" if something wasn't clearly boxed or grouped with the rest of the stuff.

We had actually planned to treck our computer equipment over ourselves, but the guys assured us they did office moves all the time and happily carried all our kit into the van - and there was a fair bit of it. Like I said, incredibly helpful, proactive, and upbeat attitudes, the likes of which I have never encountered before with removals people. Usually you get a couple of guys who make it very clear that moving your house is a huge effort they'd rather not be expending, and would never, ever, go as far as offering to take anything other than the absoulte minimum they are required to do.

So all in all we were very happy with London City Removals and we'd definitely use them again.

On Saturday we had some furniture delivered. Fortunately, being the anal busy-body that I am, I went to go and check in on the guys as they were putting our bed together, only to discover that it was the wrong bed. Flashback to a month earlier, sitting in the furniture store ordering it and being amazed at just how inept the sales woman was. Seriously this young woman was on another planet entirely, and half the time I don't think she understood English very well. This is not some sort of bigoted remark - I just think if you have a job in an English speaking country that requires you to put orders (in English) into a system, that you at least have some grasp of the language.

Anyway, I spotted the error on time and called it in, which meant the poor chaps had to drag that heavy solid wood bedframe and base back down the two flights of stairs they'd originally dragged it up - in the searing heat. The result is we now have a mattress and no bed, but have been assured we'll have the right one by Friday, if not sooner. Like I said, just a few more bits and pieces to do before we are settled in

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