Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bye bye Katie Hopkins

A big thanks to everyone for their congratulatory emails, warm wishes, and advice re. our pending arrival. The good news is I think I'm starting to come out of this morning sickness malarkey. Yesterday I ate a pesto, feta cheese, and sun dried tomato pasta salad for lunch, and today I've wolfed down almost an entire packet of Walkers Sensations lime & coriander poppadoms. Both of these having quite a distinctive array of flavours and even the site of which would have had me running to throw up in the loo just a week or so ago.

I'm fed up with the celebrity news front at the moment. Paris got out of jail? Oh please, how predictable was that? Apparently it was due to some sort of medical condition, which some are saying was actually a whole lot of depression and freaking out on her part. Hang on a second, depression and freaking out? Haven't any of these people seen 'The Shawshank Redemption'? That shit's supposed to happen! That's why it's called prison, also known as a place where you go and sit in miserable silence to reflect on all the bad shit you've done, and avoid becoming someone's close and personal friend in the shower room. Hold on - this just in: Paris has been sent back to the clink. Oh god, I can't keep up.

And in other news, what the hell happened on this week's UK Apprentice? Katie 'El Diablo' Hopkins gets chosen as one of the final two and then says, actually, upon further reflection, she hasn't really consulted with her parents and caregivers to her children, and it probably wouldn't be such a good idea to agree to the job without checking with them first, so she's going to step down.

What?!? You know what I think? I think Katie went on the show not because she wanted to work for Sir Allen, but because she wanted to get that horrible spiteful mug of hers on TV. Just think back to this week's interviews - when asked what she knew about Sir Allen or any of his companies, she knew sweet F-all. Who the hell, in this day and age, quits a 90k a year job, to apply for another one, and doesn't at least google to find out the basics of what the company in question does, or at the very least, what they will be doing on the job?

Also, when she quit her previous job, or took a time out to do the show ('m not sure which it was), and asked mom and dad or nanny to look after her babies for 12 weeks, or however long they took to shoot the series, don't you think that at least once the conversation came up about what would happen if she actually won and needed to relocate? What am I talking about, if she actually won. This woman is so arrogant, she probably said to her folks: "Here, look after these two while I go and win that job."

And another thing (yes, I'm really on a roll now), what was with the that chilling response to the interview question, 'Have you ever cheated and lied?' And she's like, "Yes, to get another woman's man, because I wanted him," said without the faintest trace of shame at all. Jesus, what a scary, nasty piece of work. The words 'functional sociopath' come to mind.

I think she's super competitive, and likes to win, and I doubt anything gave her greater pleasure than being made the offer to be in the final two and saying, 'Actually, you know what, I don't think I'll take it. Let them two have it.' As though she were far too good and above the whole process in the first place.

Ugghgggh - hate that woman. She's just nasty. Naaasty. And in truth, I'm glad to see that back of her, and am hoping the other two don't employ her as a team member in the final task.
Here's a parting interview with her on The Apprentice website.

Right, and now I really do need to go and shower and pop out to get stuff like champagne for Louise's birthday party, and get some real food in me that doesn't contain at least 83 e numbers.

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