Friday, June 15, 2007

And so and so

I'm not feeling so hot today. I have one of those ear/throat infections - which from past experience probably means that by tomorrow each time I swallow it will feel as though I am attempting to force shards of glass down my throat. I also have a headache, and I threw up again this morning. Monday marks my 14th week of pregnancy, and I'm hoping it also marks the end of this throwing up business.

We have a smart work dinner at Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons this evening, one of those fancy five-course things. Normally I would be frothing at the mouth in anticipation, but I've only just started expanding my diet to things a bit more complicated than toast, so I'm somewhat concerned how all that richness is going to go down. Actually going down and staying down is what I'm hoping for.

I played host to my family this week and it was good fun catching up with them, especially my sisters. Though I have to admit, if I hear the phrase, "You'll see one day when you have kids" accompanied by a teasing grin one more time I'm going to throttle someone. This was usually uttered in my direction each time I grimaced as something was about to be spilt on the cream carpet or our new wooden dining table looked as though it was about to endure the brunt of a hot mug minus coaster. And foolish me for getting those swish new woven place mats which now have red wine and olive oil stains following what amounted to our first dinner party.

Yes, yes I know I'm particular about our home and our things, and I know this is going to have to change once children come along. So at least let me enjoy the last remaining months of obsessive-compulsive bliss before I'm forced to face that messy chaotic nightmare.

We've sort of settled into our new home. There are still a few remaining bits to be unpacked and one or two items to be built, but we're getting there. I haven't been much help this week, what with the family visiting (a blessed distraction) and being so tired I've had to catch taxi's back from Oxford street, twice.

I'm still waiting for that second trimester boost of energy and wellness to kick in. Right now I feel as though I've been bitten by a Tsetsi fly and the only thing I want to do upon waking up is go back to sleep again. Not really conducive to gracious hostessing (get your own bloody breakfast!) or completing the last bits of unpacking. But the intention is to get stuck in next week and systematically work through the rest of it so we can actually start having regular weekends again, and not ones that involve manual labour.

I'm sad to see my sister Chantell leave today, but I think we may be going for a quick visit in September. Hopefully.

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