Saturday, May 19, 2007


While not a huge fan of Victoria Beckham's, I've often written on here that she never gets an outfit wrong. Well I take that back.

What the hell was she thinking with this lime green spandex mess at the Chanel Cruise show this week? It's the sort of thing my mother's hairdresser used to wear back in the 80's, and he was a short Greek man called Chris.

It's more tarty than tailored, which is what VB is normally known for (tailored that is). I can sort of see Kate Moss carrying it off, but then again she'd probably wear it with a pair of flat knee-high boots.

You may be hanging out with Lindsay Lohan now Posh, but no reason to start taking style tips from her. Yes, this said by someone who favours their pyjamas these days.

Pictures source Dlisted

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