Sunday, May 13, 2007

What goes around ...

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In a recent interview in Closer Magazine (above), Paul Callaghan, the posh ex-army chap who was fired from The Apprentice in week 6, made some surprisingly negative comments about the devil Katie Hopkins, the object of his on-screen affections.

Commenting on recent tabloid stories that 10 years ago, Katie had had an affair with her wealthy married boss (and father of three), who subsequently left his wife and married Katie and had two kids with her, and later another relationship with yet another married man (also with kids), Paul had this to say:

"She's got a bad track record and you have to be wary of that. She's 31 and people don't change. She hasn't shown great integrity in her past relationships and I see that as a warning sign."
On The Apprentice website, Paul says: "Katie's a slightly dangerous individual and that makes her quite exciting. She does have this darker side. She's very nice to people to their faces and will be very nasty and cutting behind their backs. Katie's playing a political game."

The fact is, that no matter how smart or driven she is, the woman is mean, a snob, and very toxic. Personally I think Sir Allen can see what any business person with half a brain can see a mile away - this is the sort of person who will be very destructive in any work environment. She may get the job done, but will cause a lot of damage in her wake with all her political game-playing and back-stabbing. Oh, and then there's the married men in the office to worry about.

Image/article source: Closer Magazine. 12-18 May 2007, UK.

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