Monday, May 28, 2007

Shameless 'Disastrous Dates' plug #2

I know I'm going on about this one, but it's because I really believe in it people. This blog has the potential to enrich lives I tells ya. OK, at least in as much as it's bloody good reading when you're stuck at your desk at lunch.

Disastrous Dates is very slowly but surely starting to collect stories, and they are very funny. I've had a few emails from people who've said they don't have gmail or don't know how to register to become a contributor. Actually it's pretty easy and idiot-proof. But if you still don't get it and or can't be asked, you can email in your contributions as two people already have, and I'll post them up for you.

All stories that are emailed in are published without a name, unless you'd like one to appear alongside.

Please take a look and send in your stuff. Disastrous Dates needs you!

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