Saturday, May 05, 2007

Please fire this woman!

OK, let's talk The Apprentice, UK. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm addicted to this year's show, mainly because of it's train-wreck appeal. In the US series you have some serious movers and shakers - extremely competent and successful business people in their own rights, competing fiercely. In the UK it's like a collection of people most likely to be fired from regular jobs, congregated together in one show. The incompetence and stupidity is overwhelming, barring maybe one or two contestants.

One person that I have come to dislike intensely is Katie Hopkins (pictured). For me this women embodies every negative stereotype people have about posh people in this country, and does nothing to dispell any of them. First and foremost she is a snob - the worst kind of snob. And her constant, superior (and not to mention mean) observations about other team members, mostly Adam, are painful to watch.

This week it was if Adam were in her school he would have been in the C stream, and he's nothing more that a car salesman (she says this every week as though it were a given negative). This coming from a women who didn't sell a thing during the art task where her shameless, cringe-worthy, and not to mention idiotic bullshitting meant that she was too busy schmoozing with prospective buyers to sell anything. Adam, the lowly car salesman who was apparently so out of his depth in the art world, sold two photographs.

Secondly, she's a part of the whole posh clique in the house, fortunately one member less now that her equally annoying boyfriend Paul has been voted off for astonishing incompetence. It's the sort of us-versus-them thinking, as in us we are better than others because we went to certain schools, or we speak a certain way, or our parents have money, that reallly irks. Again, certainly not the sort of thinking all so-called posh people subscribe to, but unfortunately, and amazingly, clearly some still do - even in the 21st century.

As we all know, at the end of the day intelligence, raw talent, and hard work is what counts and is what should prevail - but posh or not, does this year's show have any real contenders? Another blog for another time.

In the case of Ms Hopkins, we can hopefully rest assured that Sir Allen, a self-made chap from council-estate origins, is not romanced by any of her empty blagging, and ultimately I think her 'all-talk no action', smug, cream-clad nasty ass, is going to be voted off. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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