Monday, May 14, 2007

New Madeleine McCann appeal poster

I was sent the following in an email today. The photo shows that Madeleine has quite a unique and distinctive detail in her right eye, which should be recognizable even if her appearance has been changed for the purposes of disguise. Please click on the image to see the enlarged version.

The family also devised this new poster because they fear Madeleine may have been taken to Spain where her disappearance has generated less attention.

I was also sent the following information, which most of you already know, but is important regardless:

Madeleine McCann went missing from Praia de Luz in Portugal on the 3rd May 2007 between 9:30pm-10pm. Anyone who may have seen the three-year-old should please call Crimestoppers in UK. The International CRIMESTOPPERS No is 0044 18 8373 1336.

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