Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just exactly what goes into a KFC bucket?

According to a recent report from Peta, a whole lot of misery, that's what:

"Our undercover investigator documented cruelty to animals at a Missouri slaughterhouse owned by George's, Inc. - a KFC "Supplier of the Year"- including the following:
  • Workers were throwing live chickens.

  • Metal dumping machines were crushing birds to death.

  • Birds' limbs were impaled on the broken bars of metal cages, and workers were instructed simply to yank the birds out. The investigator also found severed limbs left in cages after they had been emptied.

  • Workers were hitting chickens with metal poles in order to move the birds when they got stuck in the spring-loaded cage doors.
In one morning, PETA's investigator saw roughly 50 "red birds" - chickens who enter scalding-hot defeathering tanks while they are still conscious." Click here to find out more.

I'm a meat eater, so I'm not in a position to get sanctimonious about the meat market. But there are ways and means of doing things, and affording an animal a humane farm existence and death are certainly not too much to ask. When in doubt, buy free range and organic.

You can check out more from Peta here.

A big thanks to Derya for the tip.

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