Monday, May 28, 2007

The good, the bad, and the utterly ridiculous

Yay! The rumour mill has it that the ever brilliant Cate Blanchett will not only be in the new Indiana Jones movie, but that she will play the villain, as opposed to the predictable love interest. Inspired choice! Love those movies, and will definitely be going to see this one.

In other more crack-inspired movie choice news, World Entertainment News is reporting that Keira 'Toothpick' Knightley is being lined up to play Diana, Princess Of Wales, in a movie based on the late royal's life.

Now I have a few questions here. Firstly, doesn't someone chosen to act in a biopic have to have a range of facial expressions that extend past, well, one? Also, I wonder if the contract will require Knightley to bulk up for the role? Because although Diana had that whole bulimia thing going and was always on the slim side of things, I don't ever recall her being as skin and bones as Knightley. And I should know because I was an obsessive Diana fan when I was a kid and had volumes of scrapbook pictures of her. Sad I know, but I was stuck in South Africa and we were hard up for role models.

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