Thursday, May 24, 2007

Days like these

I feel like seven kinds of hell today. Whatever seven kinds of hell is supposed to feel like.

I woke up with one of those insanely painful headaches that settles somewhere above your left eye and then penetrates deep into the bones of your face and head. And stays there, no matter how many Paracetamol you take.

Squinting through one eye I managed to get all my client work done in a couple of hours, and then tried to get some sleep. As it happens every bloody jackhammer, car alarm, and ambulance in London then chose to infiltrate our street - at the same time. Oh, plus a large fly decided to settle on our bedroom windowsill and make tragic trapped buzzing sounds (despite the window being wide open). And then there was the man that thought it was a good idea to stand outside the Tesco's on our corner, and make loud guttural shouting sounds like a cat being strangled - for no apparent reason. All of these things would be funny in terms of their almost farcical quality, were it not for the fact that they have compounded my headache and left me in a stinking mood.

I've given up trying to lie quietly with my eyes closed, because it's too hot to do so with the window shut, and too damn noisy to do so with it open. I've also got washing to do, and it would probably be a good idea to have a shower and brush my teeth before my husband gets home. You know, so he doesn't discover I'I'm actually a complete disgusting slob. Just how long can I keep living this double life?

The highlight of my day so far is that Disastrous Dates is starting to get off the ground - slowly but surely.


Mags said...

Disastrous dates is a great read!

letters from london said...

Thanks, or rather, that's thanks to the couple of people that have contributed so far.

Come on everyone - don't be shy - let's hear your stories! The only way this site can be successful is for people not just to read it, but to contribute to it too.