Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cheryl Cole versus Lily Allen - Round II

In an unsurprising response to Lily Allen's recent Myspace rant in which she calls Cheryl Cole a "stupid bitch", Ms Cole has responded with the following:
"Yes, I was bitchy about her but I never mentioned her weight. Quite frankly I couldn't care less if she has a di*k or not.

I have had enough of her and her big mouth. Over the last few months she has called Nicola ugly, which I bit my tongue over.

She called Sarah vile and my husband horrendous, but seems to have conveniently forgotten all of that. I can't stand people who give it but aren't prepared to take it back.

I could go on but I left school a long time ago and have no time for this. I'm currently on a big arena tour with the girls singing live each night.

Lily, I could find you a spare ticket if you'd like to come and experience what a live arena tour is like…as that's the closest you'll get to it."

And now over to you Lily - any comment?


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