Saturday, May 12, 2007

The baby and the cobra

This video of a baby and cobra in a rite of passage thing somewhere in India is causing all kinds of hell. Animal rights people are getting pissed because the cobra apparently has it's fangs removed and it's mouth sewn shut. Pro-people groups are getting pissed because it's endangering the life of the little kid (apparently the fangs can grow back quite quickly). Some people are saying these Indian people are backwards. Some Indian people are saying those people are culturally ignorant and racist. Others are asking where the baby's nappy is, and others still are responding with 'Do you have any idea how much nappies cost in third world countries you capitalist eejits!?!' Etc etc etc.

My take on the whole thing has got nothing to do with slamming people's religeous or cultural practises, or whether or not the kid has any kit on. I'm commenting on what I see, rather than what I know (which is basically nothing about this): The snake is clearly doing what any wild animal would do in a situation where it feels threatened - it's defending itself. And the poor thing is probably even more thrown by what's happening because it's usual means of defence, it's mouth, has been sewn shut. That's some cruel-ass shit for any living creature to have to go through. And yes, there are a lot of cruel things that go on all over the world to animals, not just in countries with obscure rites. I mean, let's not even go into how animals are killed in abattoirs in so-called 'developed' countries, battery farming, or god forbid the practises of the fur trade.

The baby doesn't appear to know very much of what is going on so doesn't seem to be too frightened or traumatised by things. Personally I wouldn't want to put my child up against an unpredictable wild animal like that, fangs or no fangs, but maybe that's just me.

Watch it and decide for yourself.

You can read more about it here.

If you can't see the clip click here.

Source: Dlisted

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