Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday update

Lauren who is three today

Today is my niece Lauren's birthday - Happy Birthday Lauren!. She is three. Roberto and I are off to my sister's place to help Lauren and Craig (who's birthday was on Friday) celebrate. The weather here in London is awesome - sunny, blue blue skies, and balmy. My sister has a garden, so I plan on taking full advantage and getting a bit of sun on my pins.

We haven't sold our flat yet, in fact, we haven't even had any offers yet. Saying that, we've had a total of three people view it - so our estate agent is going to need a swift kick up the bum, in the form of a motivational phone conversation that is.

Two of the people asked about the hospital across the road from our place, to which I replied that it was an orthopedic one, which, as it happens, is only open daily during weekdays and which is never serviced by ambulances with noisy sirens. They asked about it as though it were a negative. My question is this - you want a flat slap bang in the center of London, what kind of view do you think you're going to get? Fountains and goslings? There are worse things to have across the road from you in central London, not least of all night clubs, restaurants, pubs and or bars, with people leaving at all hours and regaling you with their singing or testosterone-fulled fighting. In Soho and parts of Covent Garden you're contending with Eastern European prostitutes and people shooting up in your alley.

Anyway, I think we'll probably land up selling to a couple very much like ourselves - 30's, no kids, career's based in the centre or the city, and busy social lives. Here's hoping.

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