Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Liz Hurley's inlaws are not fans

OK, I'm not sure how true this story is. Hang on a second, of course it must be true, it featured in the Sunday Mirror! What was I thinking?!?

Anyway, according to the Sunday Mirror - that bastion of journalistic excellence and accuracy, Arun Nayars folks are not best impressed by their treatment at the hands of Liz and Arun.

Vinod Nayar apparently told the Sunday Mirror:
"Liz and Arun have treated us very shabbily. My heart is heavy with pain."

Vinod reports that, at one point, he and his wife were actually ejected from the wedding celebration, to the astonishment of 200 guests...Naturally, the new girl, Elizabeth Hurley, gets the brunt of the Nayar anger, with Vinod saying that he believes that it's the former gal pal of Hugh Grant and her desire for publicity that turned his sons against him. Nayar told the Mirror, "I believe it was expressly done on Elizabeth's orders."

This is no small family spat, as Vinod Nayar made it clear how he feels about Elizabeth Hurley to the Mirror, as quoted by Playfuls, "Maybe they didn’t really want my side of the family there. They didn’t even have the manners to invite my 87-year-old mother. I once thought Liz was a lovely, un-spoilt woman, but now I see that she is a very hard person. It was important for her to get celebrity faces there. That’s what the Hello! deal was about. She was fulfilling her contractual obligation."

Vinod Nayar pulled no punches with Elizabeth Hurley in the interview, saying, "I knew she was very ambitious, but I never realized just how desperate she is for fame and attention. My wife and I were publicly humiliated and treated like social outcasts for the sake of a 2 million pound magazine deal. We were pushed into the background like poor relations."

Elizabeth Hurley has made it clear, through declaration, that she doesn't want anything to do with Vinod Nayar and his wife and the couple have even offered to pay back the 30,000 pounds that the family spent on a cancelled post-wedding party along with any other expenses that Vinod incurred.

Personally I have a hard time believing Elizabeth Hurley could be capable of such callous behaviour. I mean, choosing two million bucks and loads of publicity over two old folks - surely not!

Update: Here's the story on the Daily Mail website.

Source: Mollygood
Photo: Hello Magazine, UK

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