Thursday, April 26, 2007


Apologies for the lack of posts this week. We are in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, and there´s only one internet-connected computer in the lobby, which is usually being used.
The weather has been good, but there´s a reason why this place is so popular with wind surfers, with the name Fuertaventura roughly translating to ´strong winds´ or so one of the waiters told us. So warm, but a tendency to get windy.

Town is a flat stretch filled with bars and restaurants catering towards English tastes. There´s something kind of strange about travelling to what you´d expect to be a primarily Spanish island, only to encounter Irish pubs and Indian restaurants. I´ve never been to Ibiza or the like, but I imagine it´s a similar setup. There´s also a mini golf place that´s seen better days, but has provided Robert and I with two evenings of entertainment. I suck by the way.

The women in our resort almost all tan topless. Yesterday a group of Spanish women arranged themselves not far from where we were, and one of the larger ladies (with the biggest breasts I´ve ever seen) stripped down to her bikini bottoms and proceeded to conduct her poolside business (applying suntan lotion, taking cooling showers, holding conversations with one hand on her hip), with the most unselfconscious air I´ve ever seen. It was quite refreshing to see a woman (who didn´t fit the body-perfect stereotype) so entirely at ease with her body and herself. Inspirational.


Mark IV said...

refreshing??? trust me... scary would be more appropriate... i mean, for a guy... wher wld you see when you talk to her, and still maintain civil decency levels!!!

(ran along the next blog option and fell in here!)

letters from london said...

lol - that's what my husband said.