Sunday, April 01, 2007

And so

I had my third visit to the test center today where I will be doing my practical driving exam in about two weeks time. I've noticed, and I don't know if this is because I'm a learner or if it's something experienced drivers find too, but I have good driving days and not so good ones depending on my mood. Yesterday was a not so good driving day, not least of all because I made a gazillion stupid (really stupid) mistakes during my test run. I'm a bit (ok a lot) of a perfectionist, and when I don't get something off the bat and just so I get really angry with myself.

This morning I woke up and resolved to have a better driving day, and to apply the things I'd learnt from yesterday's mistakes and just do my best. And it worked, I had a really good day's driving - over three hours! On our way back from Isleworth a lorry driver pulled up next to us at a junction, and rolled down his window. I thought - here we go he's going to make a comment about something I've done wrong or say the back tyre's wonky or something like that. Instead he looked over at me and then my instructor and said: "She's ready to pass the test this one. She looks really confident on the road." I guess he had been driving behind us or something. It totally made my day.

I pray to god that I manage to keep it together, not stress too much, and gather my confidence for the test day itself. Fingers crossed x

On a separate note, while Robert golfed and beered his way through this weekend in Dingle for a friend's stag do, I've had an enjoyable few days doing things with my girlfriends. I went to the Face of Fashion exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery with Catherine on Friday afternoon. It's a good exhibition - some gorgeous stuff - but very small (you can see it in 10-15 mins), which I thought was a bit cheeky considering the ticket cost £8.

I was invited out to Knightsbridge on Friday night which was great, and I caught up with my friend Veronica for a one on one last night. Both nights were early ones, which meant I got home, took off all my makeup, put on my long (unattractive) pyjamas, took my vitamins, and got to read some Maya Angelou before lights out.

I've got some other news to announce this week, but I need to speak to Roberto first and see if he's OK with me spilling the beans at this point. Watch this space.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been doing some work on myself recently, not a new nose or boobs or anything like that, but looking inward stuff. Ocassionally I want to make a note on here of the things I'm learning and coming to appreciate because this is effectively my diary, and it's good to read back from time to time to see where I'm at and what I've learned.

Today it's these things:
- Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, but challenge you enough to want to be even better.
- Not everything nor every person that is difficult is worth the struggle.
- Wake up earlier to give yourself time to gather your strength and inner resources for the day ahead, and to have some quiet time. This is especially relevant when you've got something really important to do.
- Count your blessings, however small, every morning and every night before going to bed. The more you do this the more you realise just how much you have to be grateful for, and it helps keep you focused on the postive.
- If it doesn't feel right, chances are, it isn't. Listen to your inner voice.
- When you ask someone how they are, be prepared to really listen to their response. It might not be what you expected to hear.

OK, enough Oprah stuff. Happy April Fools day. My sister Mags tells this joke brilliantly (she really got me with it), and I think it's a great one to tell on the 1st of April so here it is:

Her: Oh my god, did you hear about that American actress who's been killed?
Me: What? Who? When?
Her: Um, like yesterday. Her name's, um, Reese, whatyoucallit, um Reese...?
Me: Whitherspoon?!?
Her: No, with a knife!

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