Monday, March 19, 2007

Rupert Everett is clueless

For those of you outside of the UK, once a year we have a big money raising drive here called Red Nose Day. The red nose indicates that it's comic relief - celebs and well known people making arses of themselves in order to raise money for charity.

This year they did all sorts of spoofs of popular reality TV shows like 'Celebrity Fame Academy', and 'Celebrity - The Apprentice'. In the case of the latter, they assembled what I thought were some impressive contestants - i.e. not necessarily major tabloid figures or D-Lister's like Jodie Marsh and Calum Best, but people that actually have a brain and or talent, to form the two opposing teams.

One of the contestants on the boy's team (along with politician Alistair Campbell and controversial ex newspaper editor Pierce Morgan) happened to be Rupert Everett. Now Rupert has never been on my list (celebrity hotties I'm allowed to perve), and nor has he done any movies that I can think of as being particularly memorable. But he is Rupert Everett - friend of Madonna and male lead of countless annoying period dramas. However when it came to playing himself, poor Rupert turned out to be a total berk.

During the very first task that they were given (to organise a funfair and raise money from ticket sales and attractions etc) he kept complaining that he was freaked out by the cameras. The other contestants rightly noted, "But you're an actor, you should be used to cameras?!" To which Rupert replied, "Yeah, but you need dialogue to be an actor," said in such a dim witted way that you got the genuine impression that Rupert, without a script, tights, and a fob chain, is indeed an empty vessel. When asked to call on his celeb mates to get some money in, again he weakly replied that he didn't actually know anyone. One of the other contestants later said that although Rupert knew Madonna, he claimed he had to write to her first before he was allowed to call her.

Now Rupert could have provided many genuine comedic moments with his complete and utter uselessness on the show (many shots of him looking vacant, freaked out, and clueless). But what does he do instead? He bails out of the show! The other contestants got up early in the morning to get to work on the first task, and he was nowhere to be seen. Gone, like a rat in the night.

I can understand he may have felt out of his depth, but I imagine a lot of the people taking part did. To their credit, at least they showed strength of character and a sense of humour by sticking things out, because after all, Rupert you eejit, it was for a good cause!

I don't know what the hell his agent told him he was going to do or what to expect, but either he didn't understand, or he's just nuts. Either way, he lost a whole lot of cred by doing the show, or rather, by not doing it.

You can see a bit of Rupert being a prat (or the others talking about what a prat he was) in this clip.

If you can't see the clip, click here.

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