Friday, March 09, 2007

Ralph and the stewardess - the story

This is Lisa Robertson, the Quantas stewardess who got sacked for having sex with Ralph Fiennes in an aeroplane loo, enroute from Sydney to Mumbai.

Finally we get the whole story - from the horse's mouth! Here are some excerpts from an interview with her which appeared in First magazine 3-9 March 2007 - photos from the same source.

"Ralph was a great lover. And I thought if I was going to get the sack, it would be worth it. I knew it was against the rules but I didn't care."

"I was a bit shocked that he didn't wear a condom. Looking back I think it was dangerous behaviour - and pretty hypocritical given that he was going to India to talk about AIDS."

According to Lisa, when she arrived in Mumbai she met up Fiennes again (he called her on her mobile to arrange it). They had dinner followed by sex in his hotel room (twice that night and once the next morning.)

She said that in the morning, "Just after we made love, he said, 'I'm going to have to kick you out now.' It was my cue to go. He walked me to the door, kissed me and said: Goodbye, darling.'"

From what I can tell in the article this is the last time they saw eachother.

When she went to report for duty on the 26th of January she was informed she'd been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. Her lawyer advised her to call Fiennes, and she left an urgent message with his PR company. Fiennes rang her back, "I told him I was in a lot of trouble and that I had been suspended from work. All he said was, 'Nothing happened.' I told him again: 'I don't think you understand, I can't deny that I was in the toilet because there are at least two people who saw us.' He said: 'We don't know each other well. I'm very sorry, I can't get involved. I can't help you.' Then he said: 'Let's have no further phone contact. I'll call you in a month's time - just to show you I'm a human being.'"

Unsurprisingly, Lisa got sacked. Other than posing in her bathing suit and lingerie to accompany this interview, it's not clear what she is doing now.


Anonymous said...

Now she's a prostitute.
nb: its spelt QANTAS

Anonymous said...

I've "met" her once in her new occupation and all I can say is she talks way too much.