Monday, March 19, 2007

Prana and kundalini

I've just got back from seeing my friend Claire-Louise, and I'm feeling inspired. She's one of those people who has almost super-human energy and juggles a more than impressive schedule. At the moment she's got a full-time job working as an art therapist in a school. In her spare time she sees clients as a trainee psychotherapist, while working on her dissertation which will fully qualify her as a gestalt psychotherapist too. Then there's the art therapy classes she teaches, oh and the breast cancer support group she heads up. She also manages to fit in yoga classes. You'd expect her to look exhausted and be full of complaints about how tired she is and how much she has on her plate, but actually, the opposite is the case. She's remarkably positive and energised, and this is infectious.

I usually leave our meetings feeling like a self-indulgent slob by comparison - who wouldn't? But tonight we talked about yoga and she's totally sold me on it, ergo the inspired feeling. That and the fact that my sister Chantell swears it got rid of her cellulite. I've attended a grand total of two classes in my life, and I always maintain the same thing: yoga looks really easy - it isn't. But Claire's full of praise for it and says in eight months she's developed remarkable muscle tone in her body. I've taken a look at the gym class schedule for this week and slotted in a couple of classes into my diary, and I'm going to see if it does anything for me.

I've been having headaches since Friday, and I think my body is detoxing. It also hasn't really had much in the way of refined sugars, and I think it's kind of coming to terms with having a lot of those and now none at all (except some alcohol and a bit of pudding on Saturday night). Aside from the headaches, I've noticed I've got more energy. Not quite in the same league as Claire yet mind you, but definitely an improvement to last week.

On a different subject, I've noted a lot of people are being directed to my site by way of a piece I wrote about celebs and hairy armpits. It's weird, and it makes me wonder if perhaps I've inadvertently tapped into a world of hairy armpit fetishism? Personally, I don't subscribe to that look at all. In fact, I cannot bear excessive body hair on my myself - aside from my head that is. Oh, and eyebrows and eyelashes are pretty necessary too. Perhaps it has something to do with growing up in a hot country where being hairy is akin to being sweaty and uncomfortable. If I wasn't such a chicken I'd go and have it all waxed off once a month, but unfortunately I am, so it's a case of being either hairless or stubly most of the time. Some may argue a bit of extra hair is preferable to stubble. But hey, whatever rocks your boat.

On a final note, I happened upon these photos on Dlisted of Phil Spector, and nearly didn't realise it was the same man. Clearly the courtcase has put a damner on his spirits.

Phil in 2005 (left) and in court recently

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