Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A picture moment

I've been getting far too serious on here, so I thought I'd lighten the load with a few of my favourite photos from the coolnina97/letters from london archives. I'm not going to spend time fishing out the sources of these images - that would take too long and I'm off to bed. So please note that the copyrights belong to the respective owners, so don't use them for financial gain without permission, blah blah blah.

J-Lo soon discovered the dangers of being
exposed to those Scientology freaks.

Jodie Marsh showing just why she has so much
more class (and cellulite) than Jordan.

Toni Collete finally invests in a stylist.

Prince Harry asks for a lift, and gets one.

Ok, this was just too damn cute not to include.

Borat in Cannes.

That hairy man my sister Chantell loved so much.

The ad for Pronto Condoms, and a very frightening comment
about the views
of the South African Health Ministers'
approach to the aids crisis.

Cybil Shepherd giving an interview on UK TV.

More tomorrow.

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